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How to Ace Your Operations in Multifamily - E721 - CFC - Asym Capital

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How to Ace Your Operations in Multifamily – E721 – CFC

In the ever-evolving multifamily real estate sector, you need a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset…

That’s why, today, I talk with Sandhya Seshadri, an operations genius, on the best practices of creating additional income on your multifamily properties to strategize for future deals.

It all starts with a solid strategy, considering investor expectations and future financial changes to the market.

Sandhya knows that, to succeed in this market, it’s crucial to focus on operations and efficiency…

Considering all available resources, from listing brokers to investor brokers, and align your strategy with market dynamics.

Listening to listing brokers and lender brokers for guidance on the big-picture perspective gives you valuable insights into the market’s direction.

Your property managers handle the day-to-day operations…

But your job is to conduct in-depth analyses to gather tenant feedback, compare prices, and ultimately identify how to improve.

And don’t forget to hold reserves for unexpected hurdles and planning for exit strategies.

It’s not just about deals; it’s about understanding the market dynamics, operational efficiency, and investor expectations.

So, tune in today if you want to know how you can find where the extra income in your multifamily properties are and optimize your capital!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

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LinkedIn – Sandhya Seshadri

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