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How To Fund Your FIRST Deal vs. Create Something SCALABLE - E850 - RMR - Asym Capital

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How To Fund Your FIRST Deal vs. Create Something SCALABLE – E850 – RMR

Welcome back to RaiseMasters Radio! Today, we’re joined by Drew Lasky, a rising star in the real estate world. Drew’s journey from overcoming fear to raising capital and closing deals is nothing short of inspiring. As a medical device sales professional turned savvy real estate investor, Drew shares valuable insights into his transition and the lessons learned along the way.

In our conversation, Drew dives into his first raise, a single-family portfolio in Arkansas, highlighting the importance of family support and open communication. He shares how he navigated challenges, including dealing with potential investors’ hesitations and the power of consistency in content creation. Drew’s story serves as a testament to the possibilities in real estate investing, showcasing the impact of determination, authenticity, and strategic networking. Tune in to learn more about Drew’s journey and gain valuable insights into building wealth through real estate!

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  1. Drew Lasky



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