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How to Go From 0 to 1,000 Doors In 12 Months - E713 - CFC - Asym Capital

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How to Go From 0 to 1,000 Doors In 12 Months – E713 – CFC

Look, you don’t have to wait a decade to find success in real estate…

And Carlos Salguero is the prime example of this, transitioning his career from e-commerce to real estate and skyrocketing to success in under 12 months.

Today, I interview Carlos on his strategy for finding high-value properties and turning them into seven-figure cash-flowing assets.

As many of you may know, small residential properties come with unforeseen costs and price-conscious tenants…

Unlike Class A properties that are more reliable with lower maintenance and quality tenants…

But choosing properties with less initial management and maintenance costs is only one facet of the strategy…

Carlos isn’t just an investor; he thinks like a business owner to leverage real estate to its fullest potential.

The key to Carlos’s success lies in his ability to identify undermanaged, undermarketed, and underserved properties.

People often neglect the value of marketing, customer service, and a strong online presence…

But these factors can make or break your real estate investment…

Identifying the wants of your tenants and implementing value-add services can exponentially increase your profits.

So, tune in today to discover how you can grow and scale your investment properties in less than a year by focusing on your customer service and marketing experience!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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