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How to Go From Broke to $100M AUM - E839 - MM - Asym Capital

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How to Go From Broke to $100M AUM – E839 – MM

Today we’re going to talk about How to go from being broke to 100 million dollars under management. I want to give you the playbook If I were broke right now, the step-by-step process I would take to make 100 million

First, educate yourself through podcasts, webinars, and ebooks (grab mine at Then, target real estate conferences and critical sponsors, even if you can’t attend in person.

Next, snag a job with top sponsors, particularly in investor relations. These firms are eager to mentor and invest in talent like you.

Once you’re earning, start investing passively, then consider creating a fund of funds within your company to transition into entrepreneurship.

As your venture grows, focus on building your personal brand through podcasts, articles, and targeted marketing. Master the art of raising capital with solid systems and automation to scale up to ten million and beyond.

So, there you have it: the roadmap to a hundred million under management. I’ve walked this path, raising millions along the way. Now, it’s your turn. Let’s make those millions together!

Don’t miss out on this exciting episode and learn how I went from broke to a hundred million under management.

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