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How to Make and Raise Millions By Iterating - E699 - MM - Asym Capital

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How to Make and Raise Millions By Iterating – E699 – MM

Looking back at older episodes of our show, I used to emphasize the importance of “business intuition.” However, I’ve come to realize that, in the grand scheme of things, intuition isn’t as crucial as we might have thought.

Sure, some folks have a knack for business intuition, but in the entrepreneurial world, the advantage it provides is likely just 10% to 20%. While it helps with decisions like identifying opportunities, focusing efforts, and analyzing ventures, it pales in comparison to the real game-changer: decision speed.

Business success hinges on how swiftly you make choices. Striving for perfection is a setup for disappointment. Your competitor, moving faster and iterating through ideas, will likely outpace you—even if your intuition is spot-on.

I learned this lesson firsthand. Despite my confidence in my business intuition, I realized it meant little if someone else is making decisions and learning from iterations at four times my pace.

Recently, a Dave Ramsey quote struck a chord with me: “Success comes from constant iteration. Over your career, you amass a mountain of iterations, standing atop it.”

Tune in for an immersive podcast experience that unlocks the secrets to audience engagement, niche domination, and a mentality primed for results!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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