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Interest Rates, Economics, and Commercial Real Estate - E781 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Interest Rates, Economics, and Commercial Real Estate – E781 – CFC

With high interest rates still lurking and causing investors to hesitate going in on deal, it’s time to debunk the myth around the state of commercial real estate.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Chatham Financial, USQ has the data to back up their strategies.

That’s why, today, I talk with Tom Miller, CEO of Union Square Capital Partners (USQ), on what’s really happening in the commercial real estate space and how you can still make it big in today’s market.

Don’t believe every headline you read; multifamily, industrial and retail real estate are going strong.

Financing rates are up, making growth challenging but not impossible…

Continuing to grow rents will definitely help you weather the storm.

Capital raising hit a bit of a speed bump since investors are waiting to see what interest rates do next.

But, demand for commercial real estate will always be there.

As rent growth is easing back to normal and construction slowing down, there’s a great outlook for the multifamily sector.

Just keep an eye on market data to know what to expect.

Target markets with population and employment growth…

And think big in major markets.

As long as you keep building your portfolio and continue raising capital, you can compete in this (and any) economy.

So, tune in today to find out just how resilient commercial real estate is and to strategize your next move to raise capital in today’s climate!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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