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Is Phoenix Running Out Of Water? - E725 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Is Phoenix Running Out Of Water? – E725 – CFC

As you may have heard, my partner Tyler Lyons and I decided to pivot the focus of Asym Capital exclusively to multifamily real estate in Phoenix…

And investors have a right to hesitate in this market climate…

That’s why, today, Tyler and I address why we are willing to bet our careers on these multifamily deals in Phoenix and what the biggest opportunities and risks are for investors.

You may know about Phoenix from hearing about its wild swings during the 2006–2008 financial crisis…

But Phoenix has transformed itself over the last 15 years, becoming a beacon of growth with a very diversified economy.

Entrepreneurs are flocking to Phoenix for its thriving job market and conservative underwriting.

Though there are concerns about water shortages, Phoenix has taken a proactive approach to long-term water planning…

And increased supply in the city’s real estate market isn’t actually bad; instead, we’ve honed in on submarkets with premium opportunities.

With agency financing and strong cash flow, our Phoenix opportunities mitigate risks and hedge against inflation.

So, tune in today to learn how you can invest strategically in an environment that’s both competitive and dynamic, aka Phoenix!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  1. Tyler Lyons

Fund of Funds Mastery

Asym Capital

Tyler’s LinkedIn

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