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Jason Hartman Shares His Real Estate Outlook For 2024 And Beyond - E773 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Jason Hartman Shares His Real Estate Outlook For 2024 And Beyond – E773 – CFC

With today’s headlines flashing about the doom and gloom of the housing market, many people are buying into this narrative…

But, this is simply not happening.

The country is way too diverse to boil the stats down to a single “housing market”…

Some markets, like the West Coast, aren’t doing well…

But some marketings are still thriving with good investments.

Residential real estate has proven itself to be very resilient…

Especially with the growing shortage of properties.

The reason you see homeowners glued to their properties is simple…

Ultra-low mortgages are like gold to owners, making them reluctant to sell.

With the cost of construction right now, we have a housing affordability crisis on our hands…

But, if the government can stop manipulating the market, the homeownership rate will soar.

It’s all about comparing today’s market correctly…

And many experts aren’t looking in the right place to judge it fairly.

That’s why, today, I talk with world-renowned real estate investor Jason Hartman about what we can actually expect for real estate in the coming year.

Jason can attest: don’t be fooled by the negative chatter…

The housing market is hard to disrupt, so invest in it.

Tune in today to learn what is really happening in the real estate market and where you can trust your money will be safe.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Jason Hartman



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