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Jim Rogers Predicts More Inflation and Higher Interest Rates - E705 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Jim Rogers Predicts More Inflation and Higher Interest Rates – E705 – CFC

When I see instability and uncertainty in the economy, there is one person I need to call…

And that’s Jim Rogers, international businessman and author with remarkable market experience, who has been tracking market patterns for decades.

Today, Jim and I get to the root of what has been causing US interest rates to surge and inflation to persist.

We’ve been witnessing a bull market for one of the longest periods in US history…

But unfortunately, that signals to Jim that there are worse times ahead.

Money printing fuels inflation and the US has been exponentially increasing the dollar output…

Which marks the historical pattern that it will get worse before it gets better…

With higher interest rates and inflation still to come.

As rates climb, investors will move to safer investment options and caution is advised.

The best advice is to learn as much as you can and avoid hot tips or trends…

Basically, invest in what you know so you understand the market and trends.

So if you want to figure out what the economy is headed for and what you can do to protect your wealth, tune in to today’s episode!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Jim Rodgers Website

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