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Major Announcement - The Future of Asym Capital - E701 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Major Announcement – The Future of Asym Capital – E701 – CFC

There comes a time in most every entrepreneur’s business journey where you might think of pivoting…

And that time has come for Asym Capital.

For the last five years, my partner Tyler Lyons and I have been contemplating the best move for the future of Asym…

Given the transformations within the real estate investment landscape, we had to reconcile the want for diversification with the demands of business growth.

Listen, every investor should have a somewhat diversified portfolio…

But we realized that shifting the aim of Asym to focus on one particular asset class is our best move…

And, as many of you may know, multifamily properties offer the stability and opportunity that we have been searching for.

And we have found just the right geographic location to launch our new deals.

Today, I interview Tyler about the initial aspirations of Asym Capital to our current reimagined goals for the company’s investment strategy.

So tune in today if you want to learn how we’ve decided to shift our business into the multifamily sector and where we’re headed!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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