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Mission-Driven Build to Rent Workforce Housing - E840 - TT - Asym Capital

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Mission-Driven Build to Rent Workforce Housing – E840 – TT

In this Topical Tuesday’s episode, I spoke with Bethany Finch who is the founder of the Remote RV Investor and American Made Home Solutions and she has over 27 years of experience founding and running numerous businesses. She has vast knowledge of the real estate industry and has several real estate focused businesses, which include single family renovations, multifamily/build to rent syndication, as well as a capital fund.

Be sure to tune in if you’re interested in learning about:

  • What her build to rent deals look like, and how she’s able to build them to cater to the work force demographic
  • What she looks for to identify parcels of land that fit her build to rent strategy
  • How the operations for build to rent compare to traditional multifamily
  • What her long term outlook is for build to rent and whether it’s a short term fad

To your success,

Tyler Lyons

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Bethany Finch




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