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E623 - MM - My Key Takeaways from Best Ever Real Estate Conference - Asym Capital

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E623 – MM – My Key Takeaways from Best Ever Real Estate Conference

If you were just at the Best Ever Real Estate Conference, you’re probably feeling the buzz…

A general sentiment there is that the waters are choppy and probably getting choppier.

Based on the treasury spread, the likelihood of a recession is getting into the high 90% range…

However, there was an incredible amount of excitement because we’re approaching a once-in-a-decade opportunity to get into the real estate market at the best time ever…

Right now, deal volume is slow, and deals are not getting done.

The biggest players are on the sideline, and debt is heard to come by.

However, in the near future, sellers are going to be forced to sell.

This is why the ability to raise capital is the most important skill.

If you can find money, you can close deals.

I recommend staying close to the market and building relationships with brokers, but most importantly, building connections with investors.

Deals are coming soon, so tune into this episode the see how I’m preparing for it!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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