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Practical Marketing Automation for Capital Raisers - E852 - TT - Asym Capital

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Practical Marketing Automation for Capital Raisers – E852 – TT

In this Topical Tuesday’s episode, I spoke with Jason Wright who is the founder and CEO of Intentionally Inspirational, where he helps businesses with marketing automations. He’s also a speaker, author, entrepreneur, limited partner real estate investor and digital marketing architect with a passion for helping other real estate investors and entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts.

Be sure to tune in if you’re interested in learning about:

  • building backend processes over front-end traffic for nurturing relationships and long-term success
  • automating backend communication to maintain consistent investor engagement and trust
  • resisting the urge to constantly adjust automation systems, sticking to proven strategies for efficiency
  • how authenticity, action-taking, consistency, and calculated marketing risks drive successful real estate entrepreneurs leveraging backend automation for scalable results

To your success,

Tyler Lyons

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Jason Wright


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