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[RaiseFest '24] The Entrepreneurial Path Less Taken...And Why You Must Rise To The Occasion - E837 - CFC - Asym Capital

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[RaiseFest ’24] The Entrepreneurial Path Less Taken…And Why You Must Rise To The Occasion – E837 – CFC

It’s hard to be a real estate entrepreneur…especially when the economy is down…

But when you have a strong “why” behind your deals…

…like helping your community become financially free…or supporting your loved ones to live their dream lives…

…your journey becomes easier.

That’s why, today…

I’m sharing a RaiseFest ‘24 exclusive panel session by Carlos Salguero and four other amazing real estate entrepreneurs…

… who are going deep into “why” you must take the path of entrepreneurship and how to succeed…even when the times are tough!

Carlos Salguero has started four multi-million dollar companies across different industries…

…and his story started out with incredible humble beginnings. (You’ll hear more.)

He, along with the four panel experts, are uncovering the two deep secrets of doing BIGGER and BETTER deals…

  1. Get reliable partners that compliment your skills

  2. Take calculated risks that drive asymmetrical returns

When you know your “why”…and have the skills to find the good partners and take the right risks, you become unstoppable.

Want to learn how?

Tune into the podcast and learn from the best real estate experts in the industry!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Carlos Salguero
  2. Madhavi Jain
  3. Ray Hightower
  4. Vasu Kakarlapudi
  5. Bryan Escudero

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