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[RF '23] How to Build an Infinite Equity Pipeline by Doubling Down on a Technology Marketing Platform - E801 - CFC - Asym Capital

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[RF ’23] How to Build an Infinite Equity Pipeline by Doubling Down on a Technology Marketing Platform – E801 – CFC

In the world of capital raising, there is one person who has mastered the game of data analytics and automation…

And that’s Neal Bawa!

With Grocapitus, his data-driven commercial real estate investment company, he’s raised $275 million from 800+ investors in just four years.

Today, I share a RaiseFest ‘23 exclusive of Neal’s best kept secrets to building an infinite equity pipeline through the power of data science and automation.

The first step 100x your efficiency is lead scoring…

Rank each person in your database so you can work on the 4% that will actually invest with you.

Automate everything in your database (including lead scoring) to raise 100x more capital.

Hyper-targeting with LinkedIn scraping, coupled with the high credibility sending booster, becomes the artillery to amass a database of over 100K investors.

Track-and-measure dashboards guarantee that every move is monitored.

Flood your emails with testimonials; every investor craves data matched to their emotions…

People’s investments are ultimately emotionally driven.

As Neal says, velocity in equity raising increases with project diversity…

And never forget the power of automation to amplify your success.

So, tune in today to learn how to automate your business and leave no lead left behind!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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Grocapitus Website

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