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Should You Go To College In 2024? - E851 - MM - Asym Capital

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Should You Go To College In 2024? – E851 – MM

Is college still worth it in 2024? I’ll share a revealing story about hiring a copywriter that might change your perspective.

Hiring a copywriter can be tough. They need to be skilled, adaptable, and quick learners. Recently, I ran a unique competition to find the best fit. The winner, surprisingly, wasn’t a native English speaker but had excelled in a high-level copywriting mastermind. This got me thinking about the changing value of traditional degrees.

In today’s job market, specialized skills and networks often outweigh a traditional college education. Investing in targeted masterminds and skill-building can open doors that a college degree might not. Join me as we explore this shifting landscape and consider the best path forward for you or your children in 2024.

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