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Should You Raise Capital From Non-Accredited Investors? - E835 - MM - Asym Capital

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Should You Raise Capital From Non-Accredited Investors? – E835 – MM

Join us as we explore the complexities of raising capital from non-accredited investors, focusing on the 506(b) exemption. We’ll discuss its benefits, limitations, and costs, emphasizing the importance of understanding the investor’s perspective and the potential risks involved.

Discover valuable insights and personal experiences as we highlight the challenges and opportunities of working with non-accredited investors. From building a track record to scaling a business, we’ll delve into strategies for success and the importance of mentorship on the journey from financial struggle to managing millions in assets.

Here’s the trick: raising your first million dollars is the toughest part. But by creating systems, marketing, and brand, including backend automation for lead follow-ups, you can scale from a million to 10 million. The playbook is straightforward: find sponsors to work for, make the cash register ring, build relationships, and create a fund of funds. Lean into your personal brand, embrace systems and automation, and keep going.

Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced entrepreneur, our podcast offers practical tips and a roadmap for navigating the world of investment. Join us as we uncover the secrets to financial success and help you turn your dreams into reality.

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Please note that investing in private placement securities entails a high degree of risk, including illiquidity of the investment and loss of principal. Please refer to the subscription agreement for a discussion of risk factors.

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