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Survive Until 2025? That's NOT The Mantra... - E791 - MM - Asym Capital

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Survive Until 2025? That’s NOT The Mantra… – E791 – MM

Imagine interest rates soaring like a rocket – the fastest in 40 years! Cue distress for 3,000 apartment buyers and 2,500 buildings with shaky finances.

But wait, more chaos is on the horizon. Should we hibernate in 2024? Nah. At Asym Capital, we’re diving in. Lunches with top brokers? Easy. Investors want clarity in uncertain times, and we’re here for it.

Sure, not many deals make sense now (we’re talking 15-20% under guidance). But snag a couple of killer deals in 2024, and you’re golden. Distressed assets bring in 4-8 times more profit. Plus, while others retreat, you’ll be capitalizing on the groundwork.

So, forget “Survive Until ’25.” I’ve got a better chant for you, and guess what? It rhymes. Curious? Tune in!

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Please note that investing in private placement securities entails a high degree of risk, including illiquidity of the investment and loss of principal. Please refer to the subscription agreement for a discussion of risk factors.

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