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The Energy Crises, Inflation, and the US Future of the US Dollar - E785 - CFC - Asym Capital

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The Energy Crises, Inflation, and the US Future of the US Dollar – E785 – CFC

When I want to know what’s happening to the economy in terms of the energy crises, there’s one person I have on speed dial…

Adam Rozencwajg.

With over 15 years of investment experience and 7 years experience working on the Global Natural Resources Fund at Chilton Investment Company, Adam is the man with the answers.

That’s why, today, I talk with Adam about the state of the energy crisis in the US and how it’s affecting the economy in terms of inflation and even the future of the US dollar.

Adam knows, we’re in the decade of shortages right now…

And we’re trying to grapple with the consequences of neglecting our investments in commodities and natural resources.

Just a decade ago, abundance was the norm and we shifted our focus to renewable energy…

But, that’s proved to hurt us more than help us.

The energy crisis is ramping up inflation, creating a ripple effect in commodity prices.

And now, the market is finally acknowledging inflation for the first time in this financial cycle as commodity and cost pushes are factored in…

Which seems to be promising a prolonged period of inflation.

Surprisingly, despite these challenges, the US dollar persists as the reserve currency

But, times are changing with bilateral commodity trades bypassing the US dollar more and more.

So, tune in today to discover how to navigate persistent inflation and prepare for a world where the US dollar may not come out on top.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Adam Rozencwajg


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