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The Truth About Covid Lockdowns And Masks with Tom Woods - E793 - CFC - Asym Capital

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The Truth About Covid Lockdowns And Masks with Tom Woods – E793 – CFC

Reflecting back on the not-so-distant era of Covid lockdowns and masks, there’s one person I have on speed dial that can make sense of it all.

Tom Woods, best-selling author and podcast host.

Like me, Tom had some doubts about the information circulating around the pandemic…

That’s why, today, I talk with Tom about the actual outcomes of mandates to stay indoors masking up to go outside.

First, the narrative spun by the media and public health officials was far from the truth…

Death rates were speculated to be 50 times higher than research supported.

Those who fully believed in the government mandates and media stories were unfazed by the exaggerated stats…

While those who didn’t follow the crowd are still waiting for apologies that won’t come.

Take California versus Florida…

The strict lockdown state actually had a higher death rate than the state that stayed open.

Sweden, criticized for not imposing lockdowns, had the lowest all-cause mortality of all Europe.

The data shattered the notion that following public health guidance guarantees safety.

Stories were manipulated and stats were deceiving to keep fear alive while ignoring contradictions to “the science”…

So, tune in today to discover the truth in the charts about how lockdowns and masks actually affected the public!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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Episode 197

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