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E89 - Unlocking Family Office Capital: How to Raise Money from Billionaires - Asym Capital

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E89 – Unlocking Family Office Capital: How to Raise Money from Billionaires

Family offices are firms that serve the ultra-high net worth investors such as centimillionaires and billionaires. While many people would be over the moon after receiving a $1mm check after hours of negotiations and meetings, those same individuals from family offices wouldn’t even show up for such a low amount. In fact, a similar meeting for a family office would leave them in control of an additional $500mm in equity or more. How exactly does the family office business model work?

Our guest for today is Richard Wilson who helps families with a net worth of $100mm or more create, manage, and maintain their family office. Richard currently manages 14 clients including mandates with 3 billionaire families. He is also the CEO of a $500M+ single family office and Head of Direct Investments for another with $200M+ in assets. Richard is also the author of a bestselling book in the family office industry, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating and Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office and a recently released book called How to Start a Family Office.


Today we are going to discuss…

  • What categorical shifts need to be made if you are planning on working with centimillionaires and billionaires
  • The three main investing buckets most family offices need to consider filling
  • Some of the strategies that family offices implement that accredited investments can also implement on their own
  • What the future of the family office looks like in the US


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