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What If Rates Do NOT Go Down? - E817 - CFC - Asym Capital

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What If Rates Do NOT Go Down? – E817 – CFC

Since March 2020, we’ve entered a new phase of the debt cycle that doesn’t look promising…

The FED and the government have been messing with the system in overdrive…

Printing money, borrowing, and spending like never before…

While inflation and interest rates are on everyone’s minds as prices surge.

Today, I interview Joseph Brown, the Founder of Heresy Financial, on the current and emerging trends of this new debt cycle and what to expect from the economy.

First, higher interests and inflation are not going anywhere for a long time…

Layoffs are disrupting the job market, hinting at an upcoming recession.

Joe predicts a market correction, defaults on debts, and a potential recession in the next year.

But if you aren’t over-leveraged or forced out of your job, the buying opportunity is now…

As interest rates climb, housing demand will continue to remain strong…

But, brace yourself for more volatility over the next two years…

And a decade-long rise in interest rates and inflation in which the housing market maintains it’s balance of supply and demand.

So, tune in today to discover what this new debt cycle holds for the future and how to prepare yourself for long-term rising interest rates!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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