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What It Means To Deliver A White Glove Experience When Times Are Tough - E802 - RMR - Asym Capital

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What It Means To Deliver A White Glove Experience When Times Are Tough – E802 – RMR

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the show. I’m thrilled to have Courtney Moeller, an exceptional Capital Collective member and integral part of our inner circle, on today’s episode. It’s been almost a year since she joined, and let me tell you, Courtney has been a rocket ship in our community.

In this insightful conversation, Courtney reflects on her incredible journey over the past year and shares key takeaways. Coming from West Texas with a background in oil and gas, Courtney initially ventured into syndication to raise capital for real estate. However, she quickly discovered the powerful synergy between the tax benefits of oil and gas and other investment opportunities.

We delve into the importance of communication and the white glove service Courtney provides to her investors. She emphasizes the value of personally reaching out, sharing updates, and navigating tough conversations. Courtney’s approach to building trust and offering a genuine, caring experience sets her apart in the world of capital raising.

Listen in as we discuss the tactical aspects of investor relations, including personalized text messages, occasional updates, and the impact of physical gifts. Courtney’s insights provide a roadmap for capital raisers looking to cultivate strong, lasting relationships with investors.

Don’t miss this episode filled with valuable tips on delivering exceptional investor experiences.

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